Friday, December 12, 2008


I was attending this usrah, and as usual the first part will be tadabbur ayah from the Holy Quran.And on that day it was Surah Yusuf. After finished reciting, normally each of us will picked 1 ayah that we like and give reasons why we choose that Ayat. I was considering 2,3 ayat to say when suddenly one of the usrah member said "Amie likes this Ayat,". I was taken aback. How did she knows? She said I told her like 3,4 months ago during this other usrah which I don't even remember what Ayat we were reciting that day. And she even remember the explaination I gave!


People remember what I said is just scary, because most of the times I don't even remember what i said yesterday or even 10 minutes ago.And sometimes I talk crap things. Now I just have to watch out my tongue. Because I don't want to be remembered as someone who said something but did not even practicing it.


I never realized that reading a book in Metro could make you look so hot.And yeah, it's true. I was coming back alone from hospital yesterday and I saw this super-hot guy reading a book. He is like around my age and he looks so focused. He makes me remembered a situation back in Malaysia when I told my brother to bring books to read in LRT and they declined. They said, boys read books are not cool. Well, brothers you guys are wrong.

Reading books and looking so focused are way much cooler than standing and hanging around the LRT speaking loudly like u want to grab people attention but you don't, or just even sitting there doing nothing other than staring other people clothes and accessories like Malaysians always do.


Anonymous said...

last year i was in the train and there was a guy sitting across me. comel! he was reading an english book on Putin. i think he's from PFU sbb dia turun kat belyaevo. comel! heheheh. i think he's an indon, or maybe vietnamese.


Anonymous said...

omg omg! super hot guy? n u didnt even tell me? hehe :p

AmiE said...

Hanan.regardless where they are from, indon or bangladesh, but if they read will look hot kan?