Sunday, December 14, 2008

Manners, people!


"When a (courteous) greeting is offered you, meet it with a greeting still more courteous or (at least) of equal courtesy" (4:86)

I was in a friend's room this morning, and she cooked for me and several other friends of ours. This person, the one who cooks, let's name her S, is well-known for her kindness, warm-heartdness and several other nice adjective words you can put here, and she is no pretender. As we were talking, one of the friend suddenly point out S's well behave manners and she said she is uncomfortable with that!. For God's sake you are in her room, eating her food and talking like that?

She even added that 'she doesn't care if S is pretend to be nice or originally nice but it's just so abnormal to be that nice' (Oh My Goodness). And so I snapped, "Or maybe it is you who is abnormal? ", and she got so offended and protecting herself saying that the way she behaved consider as a 'normal people'. Oh girl, you got offended when people called you abnormal but you are calling other people abnormal. How insensitive is that?

Well, as you can guess, S just remained calm and she even smiling. Though, I know the words must cut her deep, but she just too nice to say anything not nice to the person who is clearly not nice. After helping S cleared up everything I hug her so she will know that I accept her as a friend the way she is.


I'm not blaming her though. But I learn something from this.

Remember Raja Petra getting caught because insulting Islam in his blog? And in one of his entry in Malaysian Today regarding the latest issue, landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa he quoted (the line mention Terengganu because it is a flashback to a bus crashed happens in Terengganu) "...looters were citizens of Terengganu ‘the Land of Faith’ who would never dream of missing a day of fasting or skipping even one of their five times a day prayers." And that is what he sees in a Muslim. If you want to read the whole entry click here.

And true enough, we the Muslim are not strong in morals and good manners. And I'm not surprise if what written there is actually the truth.

And that's something we need to change. What's there for praying 5 times a day and fasting the whole month when you yourself did not behave like someone who meet ALLAH 5 times a day? Even our Prophet was send to us to complete Adab aka manners and have left The Holy Quran and Hadiths for guidance but do we actually practice what our Prophet have taught us?.

Well, I'm not that perfect either and I'm trying. If we did not treat this small wounds good enough, it might getting worse and worse.

Abu Darda' r.a reported that The Messenger of ALLAH s.w.t said " There will be nothing heavier in the balance of The Believer on The Day of Rising than good character. ALLAH hates foul language," (Tarmidzi)

Abu Hurairah r.a said "The Messenger of ALLAH was asked about things most likely to bring people into Garden. He said, Taqwa to ALLAH and good character, He was asked about things most likely to bring people to Fire.He said, the mouth and genitals ," (Tarmidzi)

A'ishah r.a said " I heard the Messenger of ALLAH say "By his good character a believer can reach the same rank as someone who fasts and prays at night." (Abu Dawud)


Anonymous said...

I'm blessed to have u as a friend,dear. *hug*

Mohd Hazreen Rashid said...

wow, ada gak org begitu.

really really nice ppl are rare, but really2 obnoxious ungrateful type are also rare.

Amie, ko sgt bertuah sbb pernah terjumpa kedua2 jenis nie.

Anonymous said...

to miss anonymous,
u must be miss S kan?
sy sayang kamu miss S
remember that..


(harap2 tak salah orang)

syuqaira~ =)