Thursday, December 11, 2008


Cik Fan tagged me.

I done this before. But since i'd already wiped out all my old entries, i might as well do it again, no harm aite?

So this is me.

7 things about me

- I owned fussy picky tastebuds. Who won't love delicious tasteful food?
- I appreciate arts and nature.
- I think people who love black don't have life.
- I choose tea over coffee.
- I think loud.
- I drink Goodday milk only.
- Clumsy is my middle name ;)

7 things that scares me

- My One and Only
- Height
- Darkness
- Alone
- Drunk people
- Stray dogs
- If, if IF my laptop broke down

7 Songs I listen to right now

- Taylor Swift's
- Saujana's
- Jason Mraz's
- Coldplay's
- Simple Plan's
- Ungu's
- Sami Yusuf's

7 Words I always use

- babe (a nickname)
- Shameera (A friend name)
- Mayein (Also a friend name)
- Ainul (My roommate)
- Awkward.
- Insya ALLAH
- Alright.

7 things I appreciate

- Families
- Friends
- Islam
- All the 5 senses I have
- Memories of the past
- Memories in the making
- My candle collection

7 first time

- Got a chance to ride in a Porsche and i didn't even know it was a Porsche
- Bought my own watch last year.
- Doing VE.
- And the rest, tiada idea sudah...

7 people I tag

- Odah
- Hanan
- Shafie Jamiran
- Amnah
- Syahidah
- Amrien
- Raimi
I wonder if they ever visit my blog.Haha.


Anonymous said...

aaaaa tidak! kena tag..

"i think loud"

hihihihi :P

Ct AdAh said...


amie, dh lama x menjenguk ke sini..exam..exam..dan exam alhmdulillah, esk sudah abis..hehe..insya-Allah nnti kte jwb tag amie ni yer (dh la nama kte atas skali..hoho)..maaf krn meng'ignore' secara x sengaja yer~ =D

syahidah said...

Salam Amie :)
wooohoooo i've been tagged again? ekekeke..dulu i tagged u and now u tagged me.. ok this's the link kire done ek..hahaha.. *winks*

hadoken said...

dah reply kat rumah baru yg sudah lama diabandon. hehe.