Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Princess and The Pea


One thing about believing in a fairy tale is
it keeps you from losing faith.

No matter how hard things may seem, you just have to hold on, and keep giving your best, for you know that the story will always end with a happy ending.
Though you yourself know that in this real world it does not work that way, but to have those positive feelings, gives you a little refreshment..

A little bit longer, Amie.


Joke of the year.

"Our future is just so bright, so-so bright that we have to close our eyes and pretend not to see what is in front us"


p/s: Someone has moved from fp to blogspot! Yeay! =)


Ibnsyariff....Mencari di manakah Al Ghazali said...

slmt ari raya korban...amie korban apa??????


AmiE said...

Salam korban juga ;)