Tuesday, December 16, 2008



Sorry people.
I didn't realized i've enable comment moderation all this while until a friend of mine mention he dropped a comment for my recent entry, and I was like, oh, at last someone wants to drop me a comment! I was excited, but then,when I checked, the comment didn't appear (of course u silly, you have to approve it first! *sigh*) ..blabla.. and now I already turn it off.

To my dear sis, you did send me a reminder for your birthday, and i'm so so sorry.I've missed it, the reminder and your birthday too. I will make it up to you, i promise.

To The Mighty Zewt thanks for dropping by. I was so surprised when I saw your comment, but i guess it is too late to reply. Anyway, if you happen to read this, i am one of your biggest fan and your writing enlighten and inspire me a lot. You make my day ;)

And to other readers who left their comments via YM - you guys are so sweet ;)


It's pre-exam week.
The week where everyone is drown in their own books and schedule. We are busy, preparing ourselves for we have our own goals to achieve and during these times we tend to ignore other people who are in need.

And most of the time we blame these people for what they'd done in the past.
Well people, let's stop blaming them for their mistakes.
Reach out.

Oh, wish me luck ;)


amnah my. said...

wish u luck!
study2.. jgn nak chatting je..

Anonymous said...

i thought you were keeping all the comments to yourself :P

AmiE said...

amnah- thank you amnah ;). x de nye chatting2.x de org nk dichatting dengan, ewah.

ainihanan. - haha.im not that stingy ;p.

warx.hensem said...

lemau..aku ingat ko saje cam konon jual mahal sbb konon ramai org nak kacau ar tuh...huahuaua

AmiE said...

warx - haha.ches.sapenya nk kacau.odah tgh busy. ;p

fanramli said...


i thought u did it in purpose.

ewah, i speak english.
ikut rumah mana la kita berjejak.

rasanya ada satu entri, fan kasi dua komen sbb igt komen pertama tu fan tak tekan 'publish'.

btw, thank u, kak amie.
sbb noticed fan tukar ke blogger. siap buat foot note kat satu entri tu. (eh, tah² kak amie tgh ckp pasal org lain. haha.)

plus, sbb buat tag. (walaupun dah buat dulu.)

*sengih sambil perasan ada org syg saye.*


Ct AdAh said...

amie, esk kte x busy dah..yey!! (tiba2 je, mcm out of topic..haha~)

AmiE said...

fan - nota kaki itu mmg utk kamu ;). dan, akk dah bc komen tu dh, dia jd 2 , tp x pe, kesayangan! ngee..;)

odah - yeay!.boleh smbg crite ttg ms depan odah yg terbengkalai hr itu. hahaha

TheDreamer said...

I once dropped a comment in one of ur articles and it never got approved? Now I know why.huhu.

Nway,Good luck for exams ye! Ganbatte ne!

lenepawida said...

good luck amie! :D walaupun lama tak berborak lg, amie tetap saye ingati :) -jd mcm pantun pulak :P

NabZie said...

goodies lucken amie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rindu kt hg!!acecececece....