Sunday, December 28, 2008

Say hello to 2009 and 1430 Hijriah.


(I love rapping.So read like you're rapping,please.)

It's the end of the year,
The time where everyone look back
To the history they've made
and see how good they've got
how far they've changed
To be a person called human

Through this whole year
I might not be a best friend ever
or the very best daughter
But I tried hard to do better
than last year
Guess, i'm just a failure

And i'm scared
What 2009 will brings me
I wish for happiness and strength
and love and luck to stay
And whisked pain and sorrow away,
hoping this coming new year
will then left with the best memories ever.

(That's why I always try to rhyme words)


Thanks friends for giving me another wonderful year ;)

Happy new year people!


hazwan mohd nor said...

happy new year 2009.

salam Maal Hijrah 1430.

salam perkenalan.

sham said...

Thanks for being a good friend for the past year 2008


Let's welcome 2009! Semoga lbh dipenuhi dgn keberkatan dan kebaikan buat kita semua~

Happy new year!