Thursday, May 28, 2009

He who created the heart, knows about it..


They said, try to understand words that they don't say.
And try to listen not only just hear.

It's like you don't just read a book but learn it.
Learn and read is different.

Because what matters most, is what you don't hear, and things they don't say.


topect said...

cam penah dgr jer ayat2x nh..

buat aku teringat satu lembar yg aku pernah baca, cuma di mana ya..

tima ksh, buat aku ingt ilmu kemanusiaan yg baik ini.

Lil^GriZzLe A said...

amie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

ingat lagi tak aku? wah..wah org skg jadik doktor kan..

teringat zaman form 2 dulu..huhu~

jahat n nakal kita kan..eheh