Saturday, May 16, 2009



All girls fret over their clothes and so am i.So it is not exactly my fault.

Me: I have a dilemma. Which clothes should i wear tomorrow. The purple one or the brown one.
A friend: What's the difference?
Me: Colour and style.
A friend: For God's sake, does that matters? It doesn't change a thing about you.
Me: Well, it kind of does. I look different in both clothes. Dress to impress, remember?
A friend : *Sigh*. You dressed to cover up from the mahram. Not to impress others. That's the reason God create clothes.
Me: Ooookay. Now purple it is.

This conversation happens a loooong time ago, and i kind of having flash back each time i pick any blouse from my wardrobe.And the memories kind of fading away until yesterday...

It's hard to be a girl every time summer comes (see, not only you boys, us too, in different case of course) because they would put up all those pretty pretty cute little frocks on the rack and you just have to try it on. And you know you shouldn't have. Coz the moment that you did if it's fit, then the next step is to buy it. And if you bought it, you would wear it. And if you wear it in the room, it's okay, but then if it is so pretty you couldn't help to have this tiny little bit of feeling to want to show it off to the world.And you couldn't. And that's when you started feeling all guilty.

And so i tried one of those pretty pretty cute little frock and da, it's fit! And i looked at the mirror and suddenly the conversation above playing around my ears. I always do things for a reason and i wonder if i buy this dress what reason will it be? I have no husband to dress up to and my roomate will never care. And that dress isn't made to be wear just like that. And so, i put it back to where it belongs.


And this is not about the dress, nor about the conversation. But about friends and friendship. I'm glad that he/she remind me that day and till now surprisingly i still use the reminder. I'm glad that he/she tells me the very truth and true thing to do and not just things i want to hear. And mostly i'm thankful that i have lots of this people around my life. God, I'm so emotional right now, i know, but i just can't help feeling glad to have you people around me.

And Aimi Liyana. Happy Birthday. I love you.

p/s: I still want to buy a dress someday.


nani rusa said...

"I have no husband to dress up to and my roomate will never care"

hahah. (tgh imagine ainul)

amie, if it makes any difference, i care :)


Mila Liyana said...

thankies! i love you too babe :*

hmmm from my point of view, i like to dress up because i LIKE looking nice.. it's the satisfaction of putting on a pwetty dress not bcoz i want to to impress others (LOL)

just my 2 rubles hehe :DD

AmiE said...

Hanan - aww.thank you hanan. *hugs*

Aimi - well this is the whole story.Remember our therapy teacher in 2nd year, Banziluk, and the other guy (i forgot his name but i used to have this huge crush on him), then i used to dress up on the day of our therapy class. haha. and i told a friend of mine about this crush thing and always asked my friends' opinion on what to wear like for the whole sem!

okay, that's like the old me. And of course satisfaction comes first! :))

warx.hensem said...

oit orang kaya..apa kata ko belanje aku makan dgn lebihan duit yg ko belanjekan utk beli pakaian tu..haha

fanramli said...

salam kak amie.

its been a long time. tgk² dah ada 3 post terlepas. huhu.

oh, i shud say, juga - bukan, selalu rasa begitu. bila di tgh² baju yg cun tp mcm x ada ocassion nak pakai.


anyway, tag itu akan dibuat. tp later. (haha. 2 org plak tu yg tag.)