Monday, January 5, 2009

Ring, ring, the truth is calling!


Being a medical student in Russia like me, gives some inferior feeling when you start to compare yourself with your friend who is studying in an English-speaking country.
And being a fresh graduate from Russian university is far more worst.
A senior who is now working in one of the hospital in Malaysia told my mom her experiences and in return my mom started to express her concern over my future.
To be honest, i'm aware about things i will be facing after graduate, but well, remember i told you about the joke, yeah i pretend not to see the future, right now, not yet.
Because I don't want the news to shake the grounds that i've been standing which already feels quite shaky now, and most importantly i don't want to lose my faith and hopes.
I just want to give all my best, and strive harder. And the rest I'll leave it to ALLAH.
I'm halfway about to reach my dream, and nothing could ever bring me down.
I'm going to keep this real. Insya-ALLAH.


People don't change.They grow up.

And I used to be a girl who hate changes because she was afraid things might not be as great as before.
I used to be a girl who hate growing up for she was scared if she couldn't keep up with the real world.
I used to be a girl who always laid back and wait, hoping that those people whom she had been waiting for so long will look back and saw that she is still there waiting for them.
I used to be a girl who always go with the flow.Rather than striking to new direction she will just laying there, doing nothing letting the tide took her wherever they goes.

And I think the time has come for the scared caterpillar to enter it's cocoon and celebrate the process of evolution.


Blink our eyes, life's rearranged.
To our surprise, it's still okay.
It's the way things happen.
Summer comes and then it goes.
Hold on tight, and brace for cold.
And it's only for a moment.
We've all been down that road before.
Searching for that something more.

Worlds are spinning 'round.
There's no sign of slowing down.
So won't you take a breath?
Just take a breath.
People change and promises are broken.
Clouds can move and skies will be wide open.
Don't forget to take a breath.


I asked a friend, what's his new years resolution.
He said, he don't need any resolution.For him new year is just another day, he is a type of person who constantly changing depending on the situation and always has high self-motivation.If he set a resolution,it will be like limiting his abilities and power for he knew he could achieve more than that.

I was like, WOW.


fanramli said...

salam kak amie,

i used to be a girl who believed that life can be unfair, sometimes.

later, i learnt.

life is neatly arranged by Him, it's you who made it unfair because you failed.

salute to your friend. i was like, WOW TOO.


warx.hensem said...

aha..aku tnya member aku apa azam tahun baru..dia cakap, aku punya azam baru adalah sama seperti azam2 tahun yang lepas. dia tanya aku pulak..aku cakap, azam bahador..hikhikhk

AmiE said...

fan - haha.Life IS unfair. Im not as pretty as my sisters ;p.

Cheer up! when you didn't get something as much as others have, it means you have something more that other people don't have!. I used to think that way..

warx - agak dah ko ni.kalo bukan azam bahador, azam maharuddin.nama sape2 je ko letak, apakah? haha.
doakan aku weh.2 paper lagi ni.cuak2