Thursday, December 10, 2009

I need some inspiration.Care to send one?


"Aim for the stars, even if you fail, you will land on the moon"

Seriously, this phrase should not exist. If the stars are the aim, and instead you landed on the moon which is not your primary aim then it just shows you are defeated, you failed and admit it -loser!

The moon is just to symbolize that you already reach somewhere far enough yet the stars is still out of your reach.

If i want the stars, it has to be stars. Moon or Zuhal or even Pluto could not do it.

I better pray hard, don't i?


The clock suddenly ticking louder than it used to be.
Your best friend suddenly become a stranger.
You are surrounded by all the people you know, yet you still feel alone.
It's your favourite food but you don't feel like eating.
It's snowing and everything is white and you don't even notice that autumn has long gone.

Nothing wrong nothing right.



rien said...

salam amie...
amie ok x ni?
feel free 2 contact me if u need ears to listen to u :)

Mila said... got another one...i got two here could probably can lend one to you. :P

hadoken said...