Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mine is bluish-green or dark-brown with bright pink stripe.What colour is yours?-


It's like a set of jigsaw puzzle.


We watched movies, we went skating, we danced, we shopped, gossiped and talked and talked endlessly.
That's how i spent my holidays and i guess it's the most relaxing holidays ever.


In which one piece (let's say the one in the middle) can fit with four other piece of puzzle. Only to this four.


I get to spend this holiday with some friends whom i rarely hanging out with and surprise me, they are quite different than i thought they were. In other words, i get to know them better. They prefer action movies, they dance to Shakira or Destiny's child songs, they think longer before they buy anything, they don't jump everywhere, and they don't like Twilight the movie.

Different than me.


But that doesn't mean this one puzzle can't get along with the other 996 pieces. They might not share the same features but they are in the same box so they need each other to form a perfect jigsaw puzzle.


See, it's cool to be different and to be just yourself

and you'll upgrade to the coolest if you are the one who could embrace the differences and treat the difference like how u yourself want to be treated.

And they are indeed the coolest friends. ;)


warx.hensem said...

ko suke movie twilight? sampah doo cite dia..haha

kaler aku, hitam+putih+merah ade sikit2 kelabu taik hanjinn..hhuahuahua

AmiE said...

haha.slumdog best hero x hensem.kalo rob pat tu hero ke joe jonas ke aku ganti nama twilight tu.haha. kaler ko kelabu dgn merah dot dot

warx, ko the coolest too ;)

fanramli said...


ohoo. i can see u r having fun.

*lost word*
ta tau nak ckp apa.

being alone is not fun.
cuti nanti, siaplah.


.layla tumaisuri. said...

i'm missing u laa..
stranded in egypt for another 2 days.
tp nnt org criter. bykj sgt hikmahnye.

glad u had fun babe.

oh ya, sorry, but i ain't a twilight movie fan too. huhu.


AmiE said...

fan- a'ah.being alone is not fun.but if u find something to do, it might bring some fun ;)

layla - i miss u too..huhu..okayla stranded cuti lama lg..haha. nnt story okay.