Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tell God everything.He could hear you.

And so i did.

O ALLAH make me a better person in each day u gave me
and please do not let a day passed by
without me getting closer to You.


I remember a scene in a Hindi movie, where the heroin
went to a church to pray, the moment her hero getting engaged to the other girl.
And the hero went up to meet this heroin and asked,
"What's there left to ask God? I'm already engaged.We should tell my family now or never...(blabla),"
And i so like her answer.

"Strength.I asked for strength to see you with her,"




doc said...


i didnt know u much.
but if this things happen to you.
i will pray for your strength

Mila said...

har dil jo pyar ka rega?

NabZie said...

salam jalwati amirah aka my geisha..kekeke
ceh layan hindustan jaa..hehehe
but the line is sad really..haihs
terperangkap dlm jiwang mode dgn blog hg..cessss

zewt said...

With God... all things are possible... keep praying :)

warx.hensem said...

weh, asal blog ko kalo nak kasik msg kena approval? poyo seyh..hauhaau

pawida said...

sgt cool amie.mungkin kita semua pun pernah lalui itu.